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3D Gauss Tracing System Model-5000R

Features: Fully-automatic advanced magnetic measurement analysis system.

  1. Automated 2D/3D mode measurement. 
  2. Automatic Judgement on the entire measurement results demonstrated in PASS/ FAIL.
  3. 2D/3D Curve Chart.
  4. Circle Curve Chart.
  5. Analysis Table : Peak, Area, Angle, FWHM, FWHM Area.
  6. Multi-Curve Chart.
  7. Reflecting high accuracy and reliability of the consistent measured result by repeated measurements at same position of the measured object.
  8. Maximum resolution : 48,000 Points/3600.
  9. The specific application of Hall-probe customization is available.
  10. Intel i5 desktop computer with 21.5"LCD.




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